On this page safetec offers documents which can be helpful during fault finding in a smoke detection system. Most documents are specific to the correspondentsystem.

  • General Support-Documents for Smoke Detection Systems
  • Support-Documents for Smoke Detection System SDS-48
  • Support-Documents for Smoke Detection System SDS-2/6

General Support Documents:

Differences between Smoke Detection System SDS-2/6 and SDS-48

This document describes the differences between the old Smoke DEtection System SDS-2/6 and the new Smoke Detection System SDS-48. On the first glance both systems look very similar. If you are called for a service and don`t know which system is onboard, this document might be helpful.


How does the automatic Switch Over Function of the Fan Unit work?

The document shows the description of the automatic switch over function of the fans in the SDS-2/6 and SDS-48 systems and how to test it.


Overview of Spare Parts for safetec Fan Units

Please find additional information to the following fan units:

SDS-M0420, SDS-M0430, SDS-M0431, SDS-M0440, SDS-M0441


Connection of Voyage Data Recorder to Smoke Detection System SDS-48

According to SOLAS Chapter V regulation 20 (Amendments 200), for all cargo ships over 3,000 gt built after July 1, 2002, the smoke detection system for cargo holds must be connected to the Voyage Data Recorder (VDR). Please find additional information how to coonect the VDR in this document.


Checklist for Retrofit of a Sample Extraction Smoke Detection System

This checklist helps to gather all necessary information to prepare an offer for a retrofit of a Smoke Detection System.

Support Documents for Smoke Detection System SDS-48:

Fault Finding: How to eliminate Air Flow Faults

A systematic procedure how to locate and eliminate air flow faults. The description also covers the Smoke Detection System SDS-2/6. Refers to fault indications like FAULT: Airflow Line-1- or similar.

Fault Finding: Smoke Detector Faults in Smoke Detection System SDS-48

Information about cleaning of smoke detectors, description of address-numbers (ID-nos.), dust filters. Refers to the following (or similar) fault indications:

FAULT: Smoke Detector Line-4-

FAULT: Dirt in Line-5-

Fault Finding: Smoke Detector Line Driver SDS-48

...if no smoke detector works...

Spare Part List

Please find the spare part list in our product catalogue for Smoke Detection System SDS-48.

Initial Start-up and Service Checklist

Can be used as checklist during commissioning or during service of the Smoke Detection System SDS-48.

Support-Documents for Smoke Detection System SDS-2/6

Additional Fault Finding Instructions

Collection of various fault finding instructions for smoke detection system SDS-2/6.

Fault Finding: How to test Zener Barriers

Description of the function of zener barriers and how to test them.

Spare Part List for Smoke Detection System SDS-2/6

Find required spare parts with this list.